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GeoMap is the base map product of SINGAPORE. This consists of a wide variety and range of map features and objects incorporated into a single seamless map product. This unique product also forms the foundation for the other offered digital map products, such as GeoMap Plus.


Area Features
Administrative area boundaries include categories that have an officially bordered or zoned area that have a particular physical classification (e.g. transport area). The referenced zoned area’s of the development guide plan (DGP) are also included as an area feature.

Water Features
Water catchment areas, reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

Expressway, Road, and Street Network
The road, street and expressway data are line map features in relation to the road center-lines, which are captured and digitised as in reality (with field work / GPS survey). Individual road segments or links are created from junction to junction. Only the name attribute is coupled with it’s geographic/location information.

The complete railway line networks for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and part of the Keratapi Tanah Melayu (KTM – S’pore portion of the network only), are provided.

Building outlines and footprints for the various categories of commercial, industrial, residential (Housing Development Board–HDB), education, shopping and hotels are included.

Points-of-Interest (POI)
Tens of thousands of points-of-interest are made available in neat main categories of - Places of Interest, Amenities, Services, Transport, Residential, Emergency, Government, Car Parks and more. These main categories are then broken down to individual and informative layer-files.

As an example and within the Amenities category, the individual layer files would include Post Offices, Local Banks, ATM’s … etc. Within the Residential category the individual layer files would include Condominiums (private residential apartments). Only the name attribute is coupled with it’s geographic/location information.


GeoMap can be used within an existing Geographical Information Systems to leverage on it’s accuracy and precision of spatial information to provide a good graphical element. As GeoMap has it’s strengths in providing the very basic map features and attribute information, it provides an excellent spatial component to be used in the building and /or integration into existing corporate databases of customers, dealers/franchise outlets, vehicle information etc.

GeoMap is most popularly used in fleet management, vehicle location and tracking systems within the transport and logistics industries.

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